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Living Life Fully

Living Life Fully


In a year when our community was tested like never before, a year when we were reminded of the preciousness and uncertainty of human life, we learned important lessons about ourselves and our well-being movement.

We found ways to live differently in our personal and professional lives, keeping ourselves, our families and our purposeful work going. We discovered and cultivated our own resilience, as well as a renewed appreciation for one another and the human connections that are crucial to our personal and collective well-being. We experienced the specialness of our humanity.

2020 was a defining moment. Let’s see it as less of an endurance test and more of a gateway to a wiser, more hopeful and connected future. Let’s build that future together, one where we embrace the humanity behind the masks and close any distances that have separated us.

Let’s rededicate ourselves to what we believe in – caring for each other and the people we serve so everyone can live life fully.

Cultivate gratitude - remind yourself of all the blessings you have.

Practice care and compassion for others and yourself - you’ll live a fuller healthier life in the process.

Embrace hope and optimism - your mindset in the present helps determine your future.

Set goals that balance ambition with achievability - incremental progress is often the most lasting.

Create community and find belonging - we’re all in this together.

Identify the steps to create the future you’re hoping for - and take them.

Enjoy and share in the journey. One Dream. One Team. One Humana.

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Take the survey! Share what you’ve learned and what matters to your journey. You can earn 1,000 WOW Bucks to use in the Go365 Mall toward your well-being.

Our 2020 Summary

Well-being at a Glance

In a year of challenges and uncertainty, our Overall Total Well-being Snapshot Score declined, though our resilience shows – about one third of our teams have improved well-being. Ninety percent of us believe that our leaders care about our well-being and that Humana is committed to an environment that supports well-being, both all-time highs.


While our overall sense of purpose declined because of a decrease in volunteerism and charitable giving, we were reminded that purpose can be found in many forms and circumstances. It fuels our well-being movement – in which nine out of 10 of us find inspiration – and helps with our emotional and physical health. And in 2020 we had countless examples of living out that purpose in how we served others through human care.


Despite the year’s challenges, our Overall Health score actually rose, in part based on Go365 engagement and positive perceptions about our health, though our biometric risks increased. Another downward pull on our well-being was emotional health, which suffered in 2020. Our experience reinforces what we’ve long known: emotional health is crucial to our overall well-being.


As most of us spent 2020 apart, it’s no surprise that our sense of Belonging experienced a significant decline. But in the face of it all, many of us still found connections to our teams and our common sense of purpose. There are many ways to bond and feel supported on our journeys.


Finding stability in a time of instability was the challenge of 2020. Many of us found compassionate care in our community’s unwavering dedication to our health and safety. And Humana’s financial and emotional support helped many weather the storm. We also found that having a favorable perception of our financial security lets us experience nine more Healthy Days per month.

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