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My hope for this report is that it conveys the company’s dedication and commitment to each of you.

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While we’ve been tested on many fronts—a global pandemic, social and political unrest, and economic challenges— our resilience pulled us through and we emerged from 2020 stronger as a team, and in many ways, individually, too.

As I reflect, never was our Human Care promise more visible than in the steps we took to protect the health and safety of our customers and, importantly, our teammates. Like always, your well-being remains a top priority.

We moved quickly to transition thousands of you to work-at-home, while ensuring those who had to continue working in physical locations did so safely. The new benefits we rolled out—special PTO, caregiving support, expanded coverage for COVID-related health needs, and emotional health support resources—were created to meet your unique needs and help you thrive. I’m particularly pleased this care mattered to you and your families, and I’m proud that over 90 percent of you trust Humana is committed to your well-being.

As you read over the Annual Well-being Report, please take time to reflect on our learnings and our accomplishments, recognizing too just how much we’ve all grown from our experiences. A special thanks to our teammates who openly shared their stories. I appreciate you letting us into your lives and for sharing the ways in which you’re handling your personal circumstances, which provides encouragement to all.

My hope for this report is that it conveys the company’s dedication and commitment to each of you.

All my best,

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Bruce D. Broussard
President & Chief Executive Officer
Humana Inc.

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